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Fuel card / expense mileage entry

This category is designed to work out expenses based on fuel card and claimants own mileage expenses.

Pleas note that this only works on ReceiptStash entry method and does not function on classic entry.

To get started click on create a new claim and select the new mileage category.

Add a receipt and then making sure to click the pencil icon so that the receipt amount and the correct claim account can be selected.

Then select the mileage category and select your vehicle, once the vehicle is selected you can then enter your odometer readings and click calculate.

Click on add to enter a journey and enter all of your journey details for that current date selected. Once all journey details are entered for that date click add journey.

You can then enter another date and add the journeys for those dates.

Once all journey dates are entered you can then go ahead and save the claim.

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